Training Courses

If you are considering to learn the art of Traditional Thai massage for your own personal or professional development, here at Genesis we provide private 1-1 training sessions with a specialised tutor in Thai Massage and Medical Massage. There are two options: the three day introductory course and the intensive course:

  • Thai Massage (10 Days Course)
  • Course Fee: £ 700
  • Content: All the complete Thai Massage Sequences, Acupressure, Thump, Palm Techniques, Stretching Techniques


  • Introductory Course (2 days)
  • Course Fee: £ 300
  • Content: You will learn the Thai Oil Massage combined with Swedish Massage, Stretching Techniques, Acupressure points and palm technique.

Massage is an incredibly useful skills which you can take with you anywhere in the world. Using the healing and restorative power of your hands, you can help to improve a person’s wellbeing.

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